Philip Richard "Rick" Bruner

❍ Field of current or former occupation: Finance/Sports
❍ Email: [email protected]

Question: What is your current occupation and where do you live? Please briefly describe your duties and responsibilities. How long have you been at this position?

Philip Bruner: Health/Life Insurance broker and tennis coach. Hollywood Hills, CA. Providing my clients with enough knowledge to make educated decisions. / Teaching people the freest way to hit a tennis ball.

Question: Did studying German language and culture at Williams College help you in your professional and personal development? If yes, then how were German Studies useful to you? What opportunities and challenges did the German major open up for you both specific to your current occupation and more generally?

Philip Bruner: I rarely speak the language in my profession but I greatly appreciated being able to study abroad for a semester in Freiburg, Germany. I got to experience the German culture and see Europe. Will never forget my travels.

Question: Please share your advice or recommendation about the German department at Williams to a prospective student who is considering taking courses or majoring in our program.

Philip Bruner: I took all of my classes from Edson Chick who I’m sure is long gone from Williams. I enjoyed his teaching and sense of humor.

Question: Would you be willing to serve as a contact person for current students of German about your career or life path? If so, how should students contact you?

Philip Bruner: I’m happy to talk to any student but I would certainly not be a good resource for students interested in a career in (foreign) languages.