Study Away & Research Grants

The campus deadline this year will be Sept 11 for Fulbright Study/Research grants and Sept 18 for English Language Teaching Assistantships.

Students can apply as a graduating senior or as an alum of the college.

A list of Williams Fulbright winners to Germany in the last 10 years:

  • 2022 Jacob Mayer Eisner, English Teaching Assistantship
  • 2021 Ariel Koltun-Fromm, English Teaching Assistantship
  • 2020 Anna Elizabeth Ringuette, Chemistry
  • 2019 Jonathan Regan Hall, English Teaching Assistantship
  • 2018 Charles Clifford Jersey, English Teaching Assistantship
  • 2018 Juliet Maxine Kelso, English Teaching Assistantship
  • 2018 Phuong Uyen Huynh Vo, English Teaching Assistantship
  • 2017 Peter Ludwig Hale, English Teaching Assistantship
  • 2013 Jack Lawrence Fitzhenry, English Teaching Assistantship
  • 2012 Emma M. Pelegri-O’Day, Chemistry

The Fulbright application is now open for the 2024-25 cycle.  Interested students should open their application via the online application system and then schedule a meeting with the Fellowships Office.

Students interested in teaching English in Austria can apply for the USTA program, an application separate and distinct from the US Student Fullbright application.

Students interested in post-graduate research or study in Germany should also consider applying for the DAAD Research Fellowship